What are Psychometric Tests?

As a law student, taking tests has become a part of your life. From the LSAT to midterms and finals, to even the State Bar exam so you can legally practice law, the thought of taking one more test may be extremely frustrating and exhausting. However, before getting a job or even a promotion, many law firms or other corporations make candidates take psychometric tests.

Law TestsPsychometric tests are standardized tests used to measure a person’s verbal reasoning, mathematic skills, overall aptitude, and also personality to determine whether or not he or she is the right candidate for a specific job. Above all, a psychometric test is used to learn more about a candidate you may not necessarily get from just a resume or face-to-face interview.

Although many people debate whether or not they are an effective way to measure or assess one’s abilities and personality, the tests have a reputation for producing fairly accurate results. That is if the test follows these guidelines:

  • The test must be completely objective and not influenced in any way by the tester’s beliefs
  • It must be standardized across the board
  • The test itself must reduce the risk of errors
  • Cannot be discriminatory toward any group on factors like gender, race, etc.

And while these psychometric tests do produce reliable results in predicting a candidate’s strengths and overall ability to complete a job efficiently and effectively, candidates can prepare for these tests and increase their chances of performing well by highlighting strengths and improving weaknesses.

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