Do I Have to Get a Truck Accident Attorney?

Is there a difference between a regular car accident attorney and a truck accident attorney? They’re both road accidents so surely, the more generalized attorney services can save a lot of money for doing the same thing, right?

This is a common misconception.

There is a very big difference between a car accident and a truck accident—literally. A car, on average, can weigh around 3,000 pounds. If you push it, it can go up to maybe 10,000 pounds for a significantly large car with a lot of cargo on it. An eighteen wheeler truck, however, can go up to 80,000 pounds without permit. Can you imagine the sheer mass of a vehicle that large? And if you can, can you compare the damage that one car could do in contrast to an eighteen wheeler?

Something that not a lot of civilians know is that there is a significant set of restrictions and laws that hold truck driving and truck accidents in a different category. An Atlanta trucking accidents attorney would point out how truck drivers not only have to be professionally licensed drivers but they are also only allowed to drive for a maximum for fourteen hours per day. Some might say that a fatigued driver is almost as bad as a drunk driver – and the result of an unfocused driver could prove to be catastrophic.

Can you imagine the damage that a truck could do to lanes and lanes of gridlocked traffic in contrast to a single car? The risk is greater with trucks, henceforth there are stricter boundaries and laws about it. It’s not something your regular car accident attorney is familiar with on a daily basis.

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