Mistakes to Avoid with Your Personal Injury Claim

http://www.guthrielegal.com/Another person’s actions can have a significant impact on your life, especially if he or she chooses to act negligently and causes an accident. There is never a good time for an accident. If you are involved in an accident you could suffer a number of injuries that may leave you disabled and unable to work. This can be a very trying time in your life, especially if you have to support a family.

Fortunately, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit and pursue financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Recovering compensation can be extremely beneficial in keeping you financially stable during these uncertain times.

If you are thinking about filing a civil lawsuit against a negligent party, you need to make sure to avoid a number of mistakes that could hurt your chances of recovering compensation. By consulting with a skilled legal representative, you can avoid a number of mistakes such as:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident right away. Make sure you stick around and take note of all relevant facts that lead to your accident. Take pictures, get witness reports, and do everything else to strengthen your case.
  • Waiting too long to file your accident claim until after statute of limitations has expired. The statute of limitations sets a time frame on how long you have to file your accident claim and if you wait until after it has expired, you could lose your chance of filing altogether.
  • Not getting medical attention immediately following an accident. If you wait too long after the accident, not only will your injuries worsen, but insurance companies may look at it as suspicious and may even believe the injuries were caused by another incident.
  • Failing to abide by the medical treatment advised by your medical professional following an accident. If you do not follow out your doctor’s orders with medical treatment, the insurance company may assume you weren’t as seriously injured as once believed and could deny your claim or not pay you as much.
  • Not hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim and instead trying to handle it on your own. You need a personal injury lawyer on your side to help handle every step of your case and work with the insurance companies to maximize the amount of compensation you recover.
  • Accepting the initial offer from the defendant or insurance company. Many plaintiffs are desperate for financial compensation to pay for damages and will say “yes” to the first offer. This can be extremely costly financially. Many insurance companies significantly lowball the initial offer. You need to make sure you are recovering enough compensation to pay for all damages.
  • Believing you can file another claim against the same defendant if you are not pleased with the outcome. This cannot be done. Under the legal principle “res judicata” plaintiffs cannot file a second lawsuit against the same defendant for the same injury.

For additional questions, make sure you speak with a skilled and experienced legal professional.