Is Investing in Content Writing Worth the Money?

It can be argued that the newspaper is a dying media platform. More and more people are skipping the book to wait for the movie. Audiences are content with 140-characters as their only news source for the day. This is an easy assumption to make – on a surface level, it’s true. So is it still worth it to invest money on content writing?

Well, put it like this. You can invest a lot of money into making sure that your company’s website is accessible and aesthetically pleasing. You want your company to be playing in the same leagues as your competitor – performing preferably better than your competitor, even. But without content writing – you’ve basically got a sandwich that’s just bread. The content writing is responsible for creating the meat that makes your website and online brand actually mean something.

Audiences these days dislike the old method of just being told something and expected to believe it. They want reasons and arguments as to why they should believe anything your company says. It’s a hypercritical age and the person who has all the answers has the power. That is why it is essential to first build that trust through conversation – and that’s where modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content comes through.

Creating content that both inspires and retains conversation and interest is how you build a loyal clientele who will frequently look to you for not just answers but also ideas. Without accessible content, according to the people with Kinetic Word, your website can get new clicks every single day but no new customers. Anyone can buy clicks but it takes talent, planning, and dedication to build a reputation.

So, coming back to the question: is investing in content writing still worth the money? Given all the reasons stated above, the answer should be pretty obvious, but in the end – it’s still your decision.