Advantages and Disadvantages of Psychometric Testing

Along with looking over your résumé, cover letter, transcripts, and even conducting a face-to-face interview, a number of law firms and other corporations use psychometric Psychometric Testing Disadvantages In Americatesting to determine the aptitude and personality traits of a potential candidate to determine how well he or she will fit at the company. And while a large majority of corporations around the country use psychometric testing, there is still a debate as to whether or not these tests are accurate judgments on one’s character and ability to complete a job.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of psychometric testing. Some advantages of these tests include the following:

  • The tests are fairly cost beneficial and could save the company money in the long run
  • It prevents the hiring of a candidate with only “good interview skills”
  • Test is standardized so every candidate gets the same questions and is given the same opportunity
  • Gives applicants with weaker interview skills or candidates who are shy a chance to prove they can be valuable to the company

There are also disadvantages. This includes the following:

  • Some candidates do not always answer questions truthfully
  • Does not guarantee success simply because the candidate does well. This is especially the case when assessing the candidate’s personality.
  • There are a number of tests that claim to be “psychometric tests” but in fact are not. If there is a lack of training in those giving tests, they may not give job applicants the correct test.

If you are a law student and have to take a psychometric test when applying for a job, make sure you prepare accordingly to give yourself the best chance at success; however, you should also remember that if you don’t do well on the test, it may also mean that a job wasn’t right for you so don’t lose hope.

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